First Community Workshop

The First Community Workshop took place on October 12, 2018 in Berlin. Ten researcher from different disciplines evaluated the current developments in GeRDI and a vivid discussion evolved to what extent GeRDI can support the research work along the Data Life Cycle. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all participants for their very valuable feedback. The main results are:

  • There is a need of nomenclatures and standard vocabularies for the research communities and linkages across disciplines.
  • Information on data quality as part of metadata may not get lost because of a generic meta data schema.
  • GeRDI can bring together communities for an interdisciplinary exchange and can transfer the discussed results into the concrete infrastructure (GeRDI).

GeRDI First Community WorkshopGeRDI First Community WorkshopGeRDI First Community Workshop

Integrated search and analysis of multidisciplinary marine data with GeRDI

Publication: Integrated search and analysis of multidisciplinary marine data with GeRDIThe GeRDI project focuses on the development of a sustainable Generic Research Data Infrastructure. Its goal is to enable scientists to search, use and re-use external research data. In the current pilot phase, the software development is driven by research questions. These questions originate from participating communities in various research disciplines – marine sciences, but also digital humanities, bioinformatics, and others. An exemplary research question is “How marine fisheries impact on global food security up to 2050”.

Read how the development of a generic research data infrastructure is driven by research questions


Meet GeRDI at the ECSS 2018 in Gothenburg

October 9, 2018 | Gothenburg

Klaus Tochtermann (ZBW) from the GeRDI team will talk at the European Computer Science Summit 2018 about “Towards the European Open Science Cloud – The role of Computer Science”.

Klaus Tochtermann (ZBW) talks about “Towards the European Open Science Cloud – The role of Computer Science”.

The idea of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is to leverage European research data management to the next level of excellence. The EOSC will connect existing and future research data centres with one another and will offer a free point of use, open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data. Based on the experiences made during the German contribution to the EOSC, namely the GeRDI project (Generic research data infrastructure), and during the international GoFAIR initiative, the talk will highlight technical challenges from a computer science perspective. This will include the design of a micro-service architecture, the role of standards for metadata, the design of a central search index to allow cross-repository search and retrieval as well as the role of large storage and computing capacities.

GeRDI at the TNC18 in Trondheim

Jakob Tendel (DFN) at the TNC2018Jakob Tendel talked about „User-focused Service Development in the GeRDI Project” on Wednesday at the TNC18 conference in the session “User Requirements Odyssey”. The focus was on our community management and our feedback process. The concept of the project-funded community manager was praised by the audience.