Environmental, Resource and Ecological Economics

What are the costs of the climate change? How will socio-economic development affect distribution of fish consumption in 2050? What impact does fishery management have on fish as world food supply?

GeRDI Research Community: Enviromental, Resource and Ecological Economics

Climate change has an impact on economic development and will even more so in the future when the population will have to adapt their use of resources on a world-wide scale. The ”Environmental, Resource and Ecological Economics” group develops respective predictions, with an emphasis on fish as an increasingly important food source: How will developments and sustainability in fishery management influence food consumption? And what about the German market?

GeRDI Research Community: Enviromental, Resource and Ecological Economics

Answering these questions can be helpful in strategical and political decision making processes. The research group uses various different data sources to do that. With regard to GeRDI they have a particular interest in a system that supports their data-driven research with seamless processing and analysis capabilities.


Community Fact Sheet

Research Community: Environmental, Resource and Ecological Economics, CAU Kiel 

Research Discipline: Environmental and Resource Economics, Marine Sciences

Research Field: Ecology, Environment and Sustainability, Economics of Climate Change, Fishery, Ocean and Resource Management

Research Data: biological, statistical, economical

Related Research Collaborations: Excellence Cluster Future Ocean

Contact: Prof. Martin F. Quaas, Environmental, Resource and Ecological Economics, Kiel University

Community website: www.eree.uni-kiel.de