The Alpine cultural region reflected through its multilingualism.

Speak the language of the Alps! How is the language changing in the Alpine region? How many words are there for the word “cheese”? Which dialect words do exist in this mountain region?

GeRDI Research Community VERBA ALPINAThe project VerbaAlpina seeks to investigate the Alpine region in its cultural and historical linguistic unity from a transnational perspective through selective analyses. For this purpose, a comprehensive, multilingual research environment will be set up using up-to-date media technology (database, georeferenced cartography, internet, data collection with social software). The guiding intention is to analyze already existing data from linguistic atlases and dictionaries (partly difficult of access) which is first structured and linguistically annotated according to certain principles to fit the database of VerbaAlpina.

GeRDI Research Community: VERBA ALPINA - Screenshot of a online questionaireVerbaAlpina offers a cross-disciplinary approach by combining linguistics, ethnology and information technology. The DFG-funded project is located within the ever-growing field of the Digital Humanities (DH). VerbaAlpina wants to implement best practices in research data management and to benefit from the generic design decisions in GeRDI. In future, a system such as GeRDI enables the community VerbaAlpina to link their data with relevant data of other project partners of GeRDI and to make their data accessible to the general public.

Community Fact Sheet

Research Community: VerbaAlpina

Research Discipline: Linguistics

Research Field: Distribution of denominations for selected concepts in the Alpine region

Research Data: Linguistic atlases and dictionaries, crowdsourcing data

Related Research Groups:

  • Romance Studies, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • LMU Center for Digital Humanities, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Contact: Prof. Thomas Krefeld and Dr. Stephan Lücke

Project website: