Semantic Web Technologies in Research Infrastructure Development

The Semantic Web in Libraries Conference, jointly organized by the ZBW and HBZ, this year took place from 26 to 28 November in Bonn. One of the key threads of the conference was the role of metadata. The available structured (meta)data and services that rely on metadata is increasing. In this context, metadata could provide even more support, such as in exploring/understanding data collections, archives, datasets, etc., which are especially important for research data infrastructure initiatives.

GeRDI at SWIB18 (Semantic Web in Libraries)

The “Research infrastructure” theme of the conference included talks on the application of Semantic Web technologies for developing services that use different resource types, such as research publications, data, links between them, software, programming languages, etc. This is something that we in GeRDI also consider. For more information (themes, presentations, contact information, etc.), please visit the official website of the SWIB18 conference.